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National Institute
for Story
Orem, UT USA

The Institute was founded as an answer to a perceived need by Bob and Cherie Davis.

Yes, there are storytelling festivals and there are lovers of stories. There are tellers of funny stories and tellers of profound ones. There are those trying to capture stories from all around us before they are forever lost and there are those who are experimenting with new forms of the art.

What there seems to be a shortage of are those trying to support those activities and to honor those who are promoting the art and demonstrate excellence in the art-form. That is how the idea of the Institute germinated.

It is our intent to fill this gap. Not being affiliated with any festival or other organizations, we are not beholden to anyone. We will hold our first annual storytelling awards in 2020 to honor those demonstrating excellence in the art. We are in the process of launching a site for storytelling critics, like art or movie critics. We will utilize funds and equipment at our disposal to help those who need support as they promote the art-form. We will help those we can.

Initially resources are limited and therefore our support will be as well, but our intent is to work with other like-minded individuals and organizations to accomplish these goals.

Please stay tuned and come back to see how we are accomplishing these goals. We hope we can also count on your support as we support others. Like all non-profit organizations, our success depends on contributions of both time and money. We will shortly share how you can help.

Thanks for visiting and reading...

"... Storytelling is about as primeval in man as can be. Be it from cave dwelling drawings to talking with the local cafe clerk to meetings at the local watering hole with friends, we all crave the telling of, as well as the listening to stories...

Institute co-founder and lover of stories: Bob Davis

Our Founders: Bob and Cherie Davis (or not...)


phone: (801) 852-0004


Address: 28 North 580 East, Orem, Utah 84097

FYI! We offer a range of services for storytellers and others. We are also taking input for those storytellers amd others that somehow participate in the art of Storytelling to honor.

Reserve a "table", ask for today's special (project/assistance) or just send us a message with your thoughts:

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